Some examples of the work we perform:

Sound control enclosures Industrial dryers
All types stainless steel fabrication Duct work
Exhaust systems Machine bases
Dust collectors Sound control machinery enclosures
Ventilation hoods Electrical enclosures
Material handling systems Pneumatic conveyors
Structural frames and supports Storage racks
Stairs and catwalks Ovens
Surge bins Spray booths
Acid tanks Smoke stacks
Storage tanks Breechings
Safety guards (Lexan, steel and sheet metal) Pollution control equipment (fabrication and erection)

Equipment and skills to meet every need

The equipment we work with (permitting us to handle a very broad range of fabrication assignments) includes a 10'-0" x 3/8" plate shear, 65- and 230 press brakes, band saws, plate rollers, an iron worker with punching, capacity 16 machine welders, 15 Heliarc and Sigma Welders, spot welders, drill presses, sheet metal and plate circle shears, milling machines, friction cut-off saw, grinders and stainless steel polishing equipment. We also operate a fleet of vehicles for work, transportation and delivery purposes.